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EPA eases rules for new coal generation

  • a month ago (2018-12-07)
  • David Flin

America’s EPA has proposed eliminating the requirement that new coal-fired generation incorporate carbon capture technology.

Mitsubishi subsidiary chosen as preferred bidder for UK offshore transmission link

  • a month ago (2018-12-06)
  • David Flin

Diamond Transmission (DTC), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, has been selected as the preferred bidder for a new offshore transmission link in the UK.

Xcel Energy plans to be carbon-free by 2050

  • a month ago (2018-12-05)
  • David Flin

The American-based Xcel Energy has announced that it plans to move to 100 per cent carbon-free power generation by 2050.

Siemens and ST Engineering to building floating power plant for Dominican Republic

  • a month ago (2018-12-04)
  • David Flin

Siemens and the marine arm of ST Engineering in Singapore have received an order for a SCC-800 2x1C SeaFloat barge-mounted power plant from Seaboard Corporation subsidiary Transcontinental Capital Corporation (Bermuda), an IPP with operation in Dominican Republic.

Zimbabwe seeks funds to improve power infrastructure

  • a month ago (2018-12-03)
  • David Flin

A report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) states that Zimbabwe requires $1.2 billion to finance new power projects and repair ageing infrastructure.

Ontario Power Generation finalises acquisition of Eagle Creek

  • a month ago (2018-11-30)
  • David Flin

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has finalised the $224 million deal to acquire Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, a US operator of small hydropower facilities.

France plans to triple wind power capacity by 2030

  • a month ago (2018-11-29)
  • David Flin

France has presented a new energy plan, in which it plans by 2030 to triple its onshore wind power capacity and multiply its solar power capacity five-fold.

Taiwan reverses policy of phasing out nuclear power by 2025

  • a month ago (2018-11-28)
  • David Flin

A referendum in Taiwan resulted in voters opposing the Government policy of phasing out nuclear power by 2025.

Bioenergy carbon capture and storage pilot project underway at Drax, UK

  • a month ago (2018-11-27)
  • David Flin

An innovative bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) pilot plant has been commissioned at Drax power station in the UK, with the first CO2 expected to be captured in the coming weeks.

Poland considers nuclear power to reduce reliance on coal

  • a month ago (2018-11-26)
  • David Flin

Poland has indicated that it wants to generate more electricity from nuclear reactors, and hopes to attract over €88 billion of investment to achieve this.