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High river temperatures to limit French nuclear power production

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-13)
  • David Flin

EDF has said that output restrictions are expected at two nuclear power plants along the Rhone river in eastern France due to high temperature forecasts.

Danish companies plan to invest $1.3 billion in Bangladesh wind energy project

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-12)
  • David Flin

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) have submitted a $1.3 billion investment proposal to the Bangladesh Government for the development of a 500 MW commercial offshore wind project off the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Queensland to set up renewable energy zones as part of $62 billion super-grid plan

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-11)
  • David Flin

The Queensland government has identified 12 renewable energy zones across the Australian state that will underpin its $62 billion plan to decarbonise its electricity supply.

Ontario to deploy additional SMRs

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-10)
  • David Flin

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) of Canada has announced that it will begin planning and licensing for the deployment of three additional GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) BWRX-300 SMRs at the Darlington New Nuclear Project site.

HD Hyundai Infracore to develop hydrogen gas engine

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-07)
  • David Flin

HD Hyundai Infracore, a construction equipment unit of South Korea’s HD Hyundai Group, has signed an MOU with Korea East-West Power to develop and commercialise hydrogen gas engines.

Ontario announces possible Bruce Power expansion

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-06)
  • David Flin

Todd Smith, Energy Minister of Canada’s province of Ontario, has announced that the government is starting predevelopment work for up to 4800 MW of new nuclear units at Bruce Power in 10 years.

UK’s National Grid and SSEN in JV for 2 GW electricity transmission project

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-05)
  • David Flin

Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) has announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Britain’s National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) to build a 2 GW subsea cable linking northern Scotland to England.

Serentica signs 1.25 GW new PDAs

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-04)
  • David Flin

Serentica Renewables has announced that it has signed over 1.25 GW of new power delivery agreements (PDAs) with multiple industrial customers across India.

Zambezi River Authority sets limit on water for Kariba Dam

  • 2 months ago (2023-07-03)
  • David Flin

ZESA Holdings has announced it is limiting its use of power from the Kariba South Bank Hydropower Plant in order to manage its water allocation from the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA).

Netherlands in discussions with suppliers to build new nuclear power plants

  • 2 months ago (2023-06-30)
  • David Flin

Rob Jetten, Energy Minister of the Netherlands, said in a letter to parliament, that the country is in discussions with “three potential and interested suppliers” to build two new nuclear power plants.