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GE’s Enhanced 2 MW-127 wind turbine selected for 2.9 GW in North America

  • 14 days ago (2018-02-08)
  • David Flin

GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has secured commitments for 2.9 GW in North America for its variably rated 2.2 MW to 2.5 MW onshore wind turbine with a 127 m rotor.

Nigerian Government approves $18 million transmission project to stabilise power supply in Lafia

  • 15 days ago (2018-02-07)
  • David Flin

The Federal and State Governments have approved an $18 million electricity transmission project to be built by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) in Lafia, state capital of Nasarawa, Nigeria.

GE Renewable Energy and ENGIE agree on 360 MW wind farm in Brazil

  • 16 days ago (2018-02-06)
  • David Flin

GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has signed an agreement with ENGIE to supply 144 of its 2.5-116 wind turbines for the Umburanas Wind Farm Complex in Bahia, Brazil.

Solar power construction boom in Vietnam

  • 17 days ago (2018-02-05)
  • David Flin

Numerous projects to build large solar power facilities are underway in Vietnam, as the country tries to compensate for the anticipated power shortage likely to result from the recent cancellation of nuclear power plant construction projects.

MHPS tests large-scale high-efficiency gas turbine fuelled by 30 per cent hydrogen mix

  • 20 days ago (2018-02-02)
  • David Flin

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has tested a large-scale gas turbine, which passed a firing test using a 30 per cent hydrogen fuel mix.

Myanmar to double electricity capacity by 2021

  • 21 days ago (2018-02-01)
  • David Flin

Myanmar is planning to double its electricity power capacity by 2021 by building natural gas-fired power plants, in a move to tackle chronic power shortages.

Nigeria plans to start building $5.8 billion hydropower plant in 2018

  • 22 days ago (2018-01-31)
  • David Flin

The Nigerian Government has confirmed that it plans to start construction of a $5.8 billion hydropower plant in the eastern Mambila region this year, once it has finalised loan terms with China’s Export-Import Bank.

Uttar Pradesh to set up 10.7 GW solar plants in five years

  • 23 days ago (2018-01-30)
  • David Flin

The Uttar Pradesh Government has said that the Indian state will set up around 6000 solar power plants to meet its clean energy target of 10,700 MW in the next five years.

Kilroot power station in Northern Ireland faces closure

  • 24 days ago (2018-01-29)
  • David Flin

Kilroot power station in Northern Ireland is facing closure. The 660 MW plant failed to win a contract in an auction process to supply the all-island Single Electricity Market (SEM).

France to close all coal-fired power plants by 2021

  • 27 days ago (2018-01-26)
  • David Flin

President Emmanuel Macron of France said in a speech at Davos that France will shut down all its coal-fired power plants by 2021.

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