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Nigerian national grid collapses again

  • 2024-04-16 06:41:54
  • David Flin

Nigeria has suffered its sixth national grid collapse of 2024, as electricity generation on the system dropped from 2583 MW at 2am on 15 April to 64 MW at 3am that day.

Xlinks: financing a nationally significant infrastructure project

  • 2024-04-15 12:36:26
  • Junior Isles

If the UK’s infrastructure ambitions are to be realised, a considerable increase in investment is required from private sector investors over the next couple of decades and beyond. It is important for the UK authorities to do all they can to ensure that Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects such as Xlinks achieve the required backing to realise their investment needs.

By Kirk Glenn, senior associate at Browne Jacobson

Russian missiles damage Ukraine power facilities

  • 2024-04-01 07:29:49
  • David Flin

Russian missile and drone attacks hit thermal and hydro power plants in central and western Ukraine in the latest barrage targeting the country’s already damaged power infrastructure, as part of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

A rise in renewable energy is futile if our grids can’t keep pace with the growth

  • 2024-03-20 17:47:47
  • Junior Isles

The switch to clean energy can only happen if grids are upgraded to connect to more renewable projects, and store excess energy for later use, rather than curtail it. But bureaucratic processes are causing major delays to key renewable energy projects.

By Frédéric Godemel, EVP Power Systems and Services at Schneider Electric

UK and USA considering transatlantic power cable

  • 2024-03-20 06:28:50.598710
  • David Flin

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Britain is exploring the possibility of exchanging electricity with the USA via a proposed transatlantic power cable.

Largest US grid could see 58 GW of power generation shut by 2030

  • 2024-03-18 06:52:40.758404
  • David Flin

The largest US power grid, PJM Interconnections, could lose up to 58 GW of generating capacity by the end of the decade, according to a report by PJM’s Independent Market Monitor.

EU announces €37 million investment in Nigerian power sector

  • 2024-02-19 06:45:42.864493
  • David Flin

The EU has announced that it intends to invest €37 million into the Nigerian power sector, aiming to address the longstanding issue of inadequate electricity supply in the country.

Hitachi Energy and TransnetBW make German grid fit for future

  • 2024-02-16 12:03:42
  • Junior Isles

Hitachi Energy will supply two Enhanced STATCOM stations with the next-generation grid stabilization technology, SVC Light® Enhanced, to enable TransnetBW to improve power quality in the transmission grid, which supplies power to 11 million people and numerous industries.

GE Vernova to build Baltica onshore grid connection

  • 2024-01-31 06:44:26.619630
  • David Flin

GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business has announced that, in partnership with Polimex Mostostal (PXM), it has won a contract to build the onshore infrastructure to transfer power into the onshore grid from the 1.5 GW Baltica 2 offshore wind farm project.

$289 million financing agreed to develop solar power in Mauritania

  • 2024-01-29 07:05:59.990337
  • David Flin

Mauritania and the African Development Bank (AfDB) have signed financing agreements for two energy sector projects in Mauritania worth $289.5 million.