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New York announces major state investment in renewable energy

  • 2023-10-25 06:46:39.052423
  • David Flin

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that largest state investment in renewable energy in US history.

Germany to pass 50 per cent mark for renewable power this year

  • 2023-09-19 06:42:02.091288
  • David Flin

Robert Habeck, Germany’s Economy Minister, said that the country is likely to generate more than 50 per cent of its power from renewable energy this year, but that it needs to increase the speed of its transition.

Doosan Enerbility and Korea Midland Power sign offshore wind turbine MOU

  • 2023-09-01 07:27:12.149541
  • David Flin

Doosan Enerbility has signed an MOU with Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO) on the joint development of next generation offshore wind turbines and pursuit of offshore wind projects.

Siemens Energy reports 3Q net losses due to wind turbine problems

  • 2023-08-08 11:27:25
  • Junior Isles

Siemens Energy has reported a net loss of €2.9 billion for the third quarter and slashed its outlook for annual revenues, as it struggles to fix its troubled wind turbine business.

Offshore wind farm in Fujian, China starts generating electricity

  • 2023-07-20 06:51:16.150590
  • David Flin

The world’s first 16 MW offshore wind turbine has started to generate electricity on being connected to the grid at the offshore wind power plant in Fujian, China.

Danish companies plan to invest $1.3 billion in Bangladesh wind energy project

  • 2023-07-12 08:20:08.858119
  • David Flin

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) have submitted a $1.3 billion investment proposal to the Bangladesh Government for the development of a 500 MW commercial offshore wind project off the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Brazil to pass offshore wind and green hydrogen laws by end 2023

  • 2023-06-28 06:17:23.052988
  • David Flin

Alexandre Silveira, Brazil’s Energy Minister, said that the country aims to pass a regulatory framework for offshore wind and green hydrogen by the end of 2023.

Wind to provide third of Japan’s power by 2050

  • 2023-05-30 07:03:53.916882
  • David Flin

The Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) has set a goal for the country to increase capacity to 140 GW by 2050, from less than 5 GW now, to meet a third of the country’s electricity demand and help it achieve its 2050 carbon neutrality target.

Cerulean Winds plan for North Sea Renewable Grid

  • 2023-05-05 07:34:32.846553
  • David Flin

Cerulean Winds has announced plans to build the North Sea Renewables Grid (NRSG), an offshore integrated green power and transmission system powered by offshore wind, that oil and gas platforms can plug into.

European summit to spur wind energy production in North Sea

  • 2023-04-24 07:05:55.070354
  • David Flin

Nine European countries are holding a summit to discuss scaling up wind power generation in the North Sea. The summit is being held in Belgium, and will be attended by the leaders of France, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, with Ursula von der Leven, President of the European Commission. Norway and Britain will also be participating.