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MIT and Harvard develop new process to convert CO2 into stable fuel

  • 2023-10-31 06:38:26.813501
  • David Flin

Researchers at MIT and Harvard University have developed an efficient process to convert carbon dioxide into formate, a stable material that can be used as a fuel for generating electricity in fuel cells.

World Bank approves $1 billion loan to help South Africa tackle power crisis

  • 2023-10-26 07:14:35.182864
  • David Flin

The World Bank has announced that its board has approved a $1 billion loan to help South Africa reform its energy sector, as the country tries to overcome regular power cuts that have curbed economic growth.

Siemens Energy to supply grid stabilisation to Irish grid

  • 2023-10-24 06:50:45.877633
  • David Flin

Siemens Energy has announced it will deliver the first-ever hybrid grid stabilisation and large-scale battery storage plant at Shannonbridge in Ireland.

Ukraine adds 1.7 GW of power capacity

  • 2023-10-09 07:27:47.542611
  • David Flin

Ukraine is undertaking a massive effort to repair and reinforce its energy infrastructure before winter in anticipation of Russian attempts to damage power plants and grid infrastructure with missile and drone attacks as part of its invasion of Ukraine.

Preparing electric utility operators for the effects of climate change

  • 2023-09-20 18:30:53
  • Junior Isles

Many electric utility operators are already taking measures to establish resilient networks capable of withstanding the impacts of climate change. Research indicates that every dollar invested in building resilient infrastructure saves six dollars in future repair costs, making it a beneficial long-term investment. So what are the key steps utilities can take?

Adrian McNulty, VP Utility Solutions, IQGeo

Grid inadequacy makes renewable growth futile

  • 2023-09-08 16:01:12
  • Junior Isles

A rise in renewable energy is futile if our grids can’t keep pace with the growth.

By Frédéric Godemel, EVP Power Systems and Services at Schneider Electric 

Ukraine repairs and upgrades to power grid ahead of feared Russian winter attacks

  • 2023-06-23 07:23:51.264724
  • David Flin

Ukraine Energy Minister German Galushchenko has said that Ukraine is carrying out its largest ever programme of repairs and rehabilitation to its power network to prepare for another winter of possible Russian air strikes.

EirGrid warns of supply issues in Ireland

  • 2023-06-13 07:15:49.998104
  • David Flin

EirGrid, Ireland’s electricity operator, has warned that there may soon be electricity supply issues due to the current low availability of renewable energy and unplanned outages of a number of fossil fuel-fired generation units.

SaskPower plans US$850 million capital spend for 2023-24

  • 2023-05-19 07:50:35.747894
  • David Flin

SaskPower of Canada has announced plans to invest C$1.15 billion (US$850 million) during fiscal year 2023-24 to modernise, sustain, and expand Saskatchewan’s electricity system.

Luzon grid put on red alert after 5-plant outage

  • 2023-05-09 07:19:32.751679
  • David Flin

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) announced that the Luzon power grid was placed on red alert on 8 May after five power plants declared forced outages.

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