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World Bank approves $497 million loan to Eskom

  • 2022-11-08 07:03:05.285902
  • David Flin

The World Bank has approved a $497 million loan facility to Eskom for the repurposing of Komati Power Station.

Octopus Energy and Nexta to develop renewable assets in Italy

  • 2022-10-21 07:32:34.528801
  • David Flin

Octopus Energy Group has partnered with Nexta Capital Partners to create a joint venture to install 1.1 GW of new onshore wind and solar energy capacity in the south of Italy by 2025.

Flexibility is moving local

  • 2022-10-19 18:10:24
  • Junior Isles

For a rapid and affordable transition to net zero electricity by 2035, it is vital that we minimise temporary network congestion by being smarter about paying flexible demand to consume at the right time and the right place. The possibilities for local flexibility markets are therefore vast.

By Jo-Jo Hubbard, Co-founder and CEO of Electron

Eskom makes progress on renewable energy transition

  • 2022-10-17 07:10:26.709649
  • David Flin

South African utility Eskom has announced that it has signed agreements for four renewable power producers to use land around its power plants to accelerate getting new capacity online.

Amazon to launch 71 new renewable projects

  • 2022-09-23 07:25:39.062096
  • David Flin

Amazon has announced that it will add 2.7 GW of clean energy capacity through 71 new projects as it seeks to use 100 per cent renewable energy across its business by 2025.

Investing towards net zero

  • 2022-09-21 16:58:11
  • Junior Isles

To achieve net zero, significant, concerted, coordinated and balanced investment is a critical must-have.

By Jonathan Hick, Investment Director at Triple Point Investment Management, and fund manager of the Triple Point Energy Transition plc – TENT

Hydrogen villages

  • 2022-06-12 21:14:45
  • Junior Isles

First Hydrogen is looking to develop a green hydrogen generation infrastructure in the form of a ‘hydrogen village’. The announcement helps illustrate both the opportunities arising out of the UK’s hydrogen strategy, but also the real-world challenges that lie ahead.

By Nick Smee, Partner, Browne Jacobson

Egypt and EU discuss renewable energy cooperation

  • 2022-05-23 06:22:58.773620
  • David Flin

Egypt and the EU have held a meeting to discuss cooperation in the fields of energy, climate change, environment, and green transformation.

EU sets out plan to speed up green energy transition

  • 2022-05-19 06:55:08.490497
  • David Flin

The European Commission has announced the REPowerEU plan, aimed at rapidly reducing dependence on Russian fossil fuels and speeding up the green energy transition.

Shell to acquire 9.6 GW renewable power company in India

  • 2022-05-11 05:51:33
  • David Flin

Shell has announced that it plans to acquire Sprng Energy for $1.55 billion, a renewable energy company in India owned by the investment firm Actis.

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