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Germany to pass 50 per cent mark for renewable power this year

  • 2023-09-19 06:42:02.091288
  • David Flin

Robert Habeck, Germany’s Economy Minister, said that the country is likely to generate more than 50 per cent of its power from renewable energy this year, but that it needs to increase the speed of its transition.

UK wind capacity surpasses gas power capacity for the first time

  • 2023-09-14 08:07:36.152838
  • David Flin

The Drax Electric Insights report from Imperial College London said that in Q2 2023, wind power generation exceeded gas power production, and that UK wind power capacity now exceeds gas power capacity.

Hitachi Energy to supply technology for UK’s longest HVDC link

  • 2023-09-11 06:42:51.184524
  • David Flin

Hitachi Energy has been selected by SSEN Transmission and National Grid to supply two HVDC converter stations to interconnect the Scottish and English power grids.

Matrix Renewables wins €47 million financing to build Spanish solar plant

  • 2023-09-07 07:27:20.891171
  • David Flin

Matrix Renewables, the Spanish developer, has won €47 million in non-recourse project financing from Banco Sabadell to support construction of a 50 MW solar power plant in Seville, Spain.

Capital Energy to sell $1 billion renewable energy portfolio

  • 2023-07-31 06:58:23.216306
  • David Flin

Capital Energy has hired Lazard to sell a portfolio of 4.3 GW of solar and onshore wind power plants in Spain, estimated to be worth up to $1 billion.

Drax granted approval for £500 million pumped storage hydropower plant

  • 2023-07-27 07:29:25.427936
  • David Flin

The Scottish Government has formally approved Drax Group’s plans to build a £500 million underground pumped storage hydropower plant at its existing Cruachan facility in Argyll, Scotland.

High river temperatures to limit French nuclear power production

  • 2023-07-13 07:23:32.808425
  • David Flin

EDF has said that output restrictions are expected at two nuclear power plants along the Rhone river in eastern France due to high temperature forecasts.

UK’s National Grid and SSEN in JV for 2 GW electricity transmission project

  • 2023-07-05 06:45:59.420405
  • David Flin

Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) has announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Britain’s National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) to build a 2 GW subsea cable linking northern Scotland to England.

Netherlands in discussions with suppliers to build new nuclear power plants

  • 2023-06-30 06:26:32.603922
  • David Flin

Rob Jetten, Energy Minister of the Netherlands, said in a letter to parliament, that the country is in discussions with “three potential and interested suppliers” to build two new nuclear power plants.

Drax scraps plan to bring two coal-fired units out of retirement this winter

  • 2023-06-29 06:43:45.521052
  • David Flin

Drax has scrapped a plan to bring two coal-fired units at its plant in North Yorkshire out of retirement.