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Energy security: positive action is desperately needed for carbon-free energy infrastructure

  • 6 days ago (2024-02-19)
  • Junior Isles

It is encouraging to see both the current government and the opposition include nuclear energy firmly at the centre of their net zero strategies But although the ambition is certainly there, the question that remains is whether the money is too.

By Vince Zabielski, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

How to keep demand and supply in balance through the energy transition

  • 9 days ago (2024-02-16)
  • Junior Isles

One of the most significant challenges posed by connecting more renewable energy to the grid is intermittency. Balancing the potential energy shortages or oversupply requires a flexible approach.

By Steven Hardman, CEO, Conrad Energy

At a crossroads: Unpacking the potential and roadblocks of hydrogen blending

  • 10 days ago (2024-02-15)
  • Junior Isles

The gas industry is preparing for an energy future that includes hydrogen in some capacity, but there are significant obstacles that the industry must overcome to guarantee hydrogen’s place in the sustainable energy future.

By Victoria Mustard, Decarbonisation Strategy Lead at Xoserve

The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the global solar market

  • 19 days ago (2024-02-05)
  • Junior Isles

Although the introduction of the US Inflation Reduction Act IRA incentivises solar manufacturing, local production capacity is currently only around 13 GW. This falls far short of government ambitions, and pales in comparison to the 1000 GW that China could produce if its factories were running at full capacity. The figures reflect how serious the oversupply situation is for the Chinese market, while the US faces mounting pressure to translate planned projects into reality. 

By Brian Crotty, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Dow Jones Energy

Maximising clean investment for UK energy independence

  • a month ago (2023-12-29)
  • Junior Isles

The UK must find a way of taking the renewable energy it is producing from remote locations to towns and cities throughout the UK. This requires greater investment in the National Grid, which currently faces a considerable backlog to connect renewable energy projects.

By Chris  Neilon, Partner, EMEA Energy Consulting Leader at Infosys Consulting

Innovation funding: What the energy industry really needs from COP28

  • 2 months ago (2023-12-11)
  • Junior Isles

Innovation funding is the crucial missing piece of the puzzle needed to start driving clean energy technologies forward at the pace required.

By Andrew Keen, Head of Content, Energy & Resources, Industrials at Edison Group

Is the National Grid the true obstacle to the green industrial revolution?

  • 3 months ago (2023-11-08)
  • Junior Isles

Is the National Grid the true obstacle to the green industrial revolution?

The calls for the Green Industrial Revolution have never been louder. As the world grapples with the urgent need to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy, in the UK the role of the National Grid in this transformation has come under scrutiny. This article discusses what the true obstacles to this revolution are, amidst a perpetual “blame game” between the industry, network operators and the government.

By Zoe Stollard, Partner, Browne Jacobson

The power of energy management: how to save costs and influence people

  • 4 months ago (2023-10-17)
  • Junior Isles

Energy suppliers are increasingly being pressed to keep costs low and resources optimised. At the same time they are being pressed to satisfy customer demands, remain competitive, and ensure the business remains viable for years to come. This can be a challenge whether a seasoned energy supplier or a newcomer to the market. So how should they tackle these issues head-on?

By David Sheldrake, SVP of Sales360, POWWR

Financing the future of hydrogen

  • 4 months ago (2023-10-06)
  • Junior Isles

With only around 9 per cent of new green hydrogen projects under construction or having reached final investment decision stage, Nadim Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer, World Hydrogen Leaders, takes a look at the challenges and likely pathways to drive the industry forward.

Preparing electric utility operators for the effects of climate change

  • 5 months ago (2023-09-20)
  • Junior Isles

Many electric utility operators are already taking measures to establish resilient networks capable of withstanding the impacts of climate change. Research indicates that every dollar invested in building resilient infrastructure saves six dollars in future repair costs, making it a beneficial long-term investment. So what are the key steps utilities can take?

Adrian McNulty, VP Utility Solutions, IQGeo