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Enel and EnergyNest announce development of thermal energy storage technology

  • 2018-10-24 06:06:32.631622
  • David Flin

EnergyNest of Norway is one of the partners selected by Enel to analyse the benefits and impacts of the integration of its technology into one of Enel’s power generation assets.

UK Power Reserve and Fluence to deliver 60 MW battery storage for UK grid

  • 2018-06-12 05:35:24.877716
  • David Flin

UK Power Reserve and Fluence have partnered to deliver the first phase of UK Power Reserve’s 120 MW battery storage portfolio.

GE announce new energy storage platform

  • 2018-03-08 06:15:59.651667
  • David Flin

GE has announced the launch of the GE Reservoir, a comprehensive 20 MW, 80 MWh energy storage platform.

The future of storage capacity for the grid

  • 2018-01-16 15:01:05
  • Junior Isles

The past few months should leave little doubt the UK government is firmly in support of demand response for the grid.

By Ian Larive, Investment Director, Low Carbon

Charged with potential

  • 2017-08-05 13:17:42
  • Junior Isles

By Darren Farrar, energy segment manager at Schneider Electric

Partly thanks to the declining price of Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), battery storage technology stands on the precipice of strong growth. 

Siemens and AES form new global energy storage technology company

  • 2017-07-12 04:45:25.454913
  • David Flin

Siemens and the AES Corporation have announced an agreement to form a new global energy storage technology and services company under the name Fluence.

TEI Times June 2017

  • 2017-06-01 10:44:47
  • Junior Isles

Selected highlights from the June 2017 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 2017-06-01 10:31:17
  • Junior Isles

■ EU power plants face emissions crackdown ■ Wind capacity to hit 800 GW by 2021 ■ Car firm gears up for storage ■ Coal, nuclear cuts loom under new Korean president ■ National Grid pauses Moorside work ■ ETC report points to clean energy opportunities ■ Wärtsilä aims for storage success

Taiwan and the UK can cooperate on green energy solutions

  • 2017-05-01 22:22:34
  • Junior Isles

By Jeremy Horng, Managing Director of Taiwan Trade Centre, London, United Kingdom.

Although Brexit makes the future of energy cooperation between the UK and the EU unclear, Taiwan will keep abreast of the UK energy industry trends, and provide timely green energy solutions and services to UK businesses. Accordingly, in May Taiwan will be sending their first delegation to the UK to promote its green energy expertise and to foster cooperation both in the business and academic fields.


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