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Watching and learning: how the UK is teaching others how to upgrade the grid

  • 2024-07-18 19:44:55
  • Junior Isles

This may at first glance make the outlook for the UK’s energy transition appear gloomy. However, the challenge posed by intermittency can be managed and the result of the UK’s heavy investment in wind power has been matched by efforts to upgrade its power network.

By Steven Hardman, CEO, Conrad Energy

US $99 million loan to Mozambique’s first wind power project

  • 2024-07-11 07:13:20
  • David Flin

The US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) approved a $99 million loan to help finance Mozambique’s first utility-scale wind-power project.

Record electricity from renewable sources in Germany

  • 2024-07-05 06:28:16
  • David Flin

Renewable electricity accounted for 65 per cent of Germany’s electricity supply in the first half of 2024, at 140 TWh, according to data from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.

Türkiye solar and wind power generation reaches new high

  • 2024-05-29 07:05:46
  • David Flin

Alparslan Bayraktar, Türkiye’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said that the country had broken records for solar and wind power generation in April.

Brazil reduces reliance on hydropower

  • 2024-03-15 05:42:35
  • David Flin

Brazil has reduced the proportion of electricity generated by hydropower, replacing it with solar and wind, according to data from energy think tank Ember.

How to keep demand and supply in balance through the energy transition

  • 2024-02-16 10:52:25
  • Junior Isles

One of the most significant challenges posed by connecting more renewable energy to the grid is intermittency. Balancing the potential energy shortages or oversupply requires a flexible approach.

By Steven Hardman, CEO, Conrad Energy

EU power emissions decline sharply

  • 2024-02-08 07:10:28.538248
  • David Flin

Power sector emissions in the EU fell by a record 19 per cent in 2023 as a result of sharp falls in both coal- and gas-fired generation, according to a report from the climate think tank Ember.

Capacity to expand renewable power increasing rapidly

  • 2024-01-15 06:06:45.948628
  • David Flin

According to a report from the IEA, 50 per cent more renewable capacity was added globally in 2023 than in 2022, and it predicts that the next 5 years will see the fastest growth in this sector ever, giving it the opportunity to achieve the goal of tripling global capacity by 2030 set at COP28.


Sungrow and EDF Renewables launch South African hybrid wind-solar-battery VPP project

  • 2023-12-22 07:26:08.765894
  • David Flin

Sungrow Power and EDF Renewables have signed an agreement to provide 264 MWh liquid-cooled energy storage systems and MV transformers for the Umoyilanga project in South Africa. The project is South Africa’s first wind-solar-storage integrated virtual power plant (VPP).

GE and Forestalia sign agreement to install 693 MW wind power in Spain

  • 2023-12-18 07:13:33.926502
  • David Flin

GE Vernova and Forestalia have signed an agreement to install up to 693 MW of onshore wind turbines across 16 future project sites throughout the Aragon region in Spain.

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