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Siemens Gamesa awarded Vietnam’s largest nearshore project

  • 2020-07-24 06:40:16.243504
  • David Flin

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has won its fifth nearshore wind farm project in Vietnam, the 78 MW Hiep Thanh wind farm.

South Korea to increase wind power generation to 12 GW by 2030

  • 2020-07-20 06:24:38.920509
  • David Flin

South Korea has announced that it intends to increase its offshore wind power capacity to 12 GW by 2030.

Bangladesh and China form company to provide renewable electricity

  • 2020-07-15 06:58:23.879251
  • David Flin

The Bangladesh Power and Energy Ministry said that the country’s state-run North-West Power Generation Company Ltd (NWPGCL) and China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC) have signed an agreement to form Bangladesh-China Power Company Renewable.

Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants

  • 2020-07-10 06:53:54.462098
  • David Flin

Japan has said that it will tighten its rules on investment in foreign coal-fired power stations on environmental grounds, but it stopped short of completely ending government funding for such projects.

China’s giant Wudongde hydropower project begins power generation

  • 2020-06-30 06:42:17.994338
  • David Flin

China’s massive Wudonge hydropower plant, which will have a full capacity of 10GW, has begun generating power following a successful trial run.

KEPCO decides to continue with development of $3.2 billion coal-fired power project in Indonesia

  • 2020-06-29 05:40:05.887630
  • David Flin

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has announced that it will continue to develop a thermal power project worth $3.2 billion in Indonesia.

Adani Power to acquire 49 per cent stake in Odisha Power Generation

  • 2020-06-24 06:42:52.353436
  • David Flin

Adani Power Limited (APL) has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 49 per cent stake in Odisha Power Generation Corporation (OPGC) from the affiliates of AES, the US-based global energy company.

GE Renewable Energy wins its first onshore wind contract with Power China Guizhou Engineering Company in China

  • 2020-06-15 06:03:42.827482
  • David Flin

GE Renewable Energy has won its first contract with Power China Guizhou Engineering Co. to supply 12 units of 2.5-132 low-speed wind turbines for a 30MW wind farm near Puyang City, China.

Tepco plans $18 billion investment into green power by 2030

  • 2020-06-09 06:17:23.338754
  • David Flin

The renewable power unit of Tepco, Japan’s biggest utility, plans to spend over $18 billion over the next ten years to boost its renewable power generation by as much as 70 per cent.

Malaysia opens $930 million bid for 1GW of solar plants

  • 2020-06-08 06:36:25.696723
  • David Flin

Malaysia has opened competitive bidding for 1GW of solar plants worth about $930 million, the largest capacity offered under its Large-Scale Solar (LSS) scheme.

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