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China commissions fourth-generation nuclear plant

  • 2024-01-02 06:37:24.143311
  • David Flin

Shanghai has announced that it has commissioned the Shidaowan demonstration nuclear power plant project equipped with Fourth Generation technology in Shandong province, China.

Tepco to restart Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant

  • 2023-12-27 07:18:39.374558
  • David Flin

Japan’s nuclear power regulator has lifted an operational ban it imposed on Tokyo Electric Power’s (Tepco’s) 8212 MW Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, clearing the path for a restart.

India plans to expand its coal power fleet to meet demand

  • 2023-12-25 07:43:42.132681
  • David Flin

Raj Kumar Singh, India’s Power Minister, announced that due to an unexpected rise in demand, India plans to further expand its coal-fired power fleet.

Hanwha successfully operates gas turbine with 100 per cent hydrogen

  • 2023-12-21 07:51:02.831776
  • David Flin

Hanwha Impact and Hanwha Power Systems have announced that they have successfully operated an 80 MW gas turbine solely on 100 per cent hydrogen.

Japan’s Kansai Electric cancels new LNG-fired power plant

  • 2023-12-19 07:29:41.258516
  • David Flin

Kansai Electric has decided not to build a new LNG-fired power plant southwest of Osaka, deciding to focus instead on hydrogen, nuclear, and renewable energy.

Sri Lanka suffers power outage after main transmission line fails

  • 2023-12-11 06:37:01.645453
  • David Flin

Sri Lanka experienced an island-wide power outage for several hours on 9th December after a system failure in one of the main transmission lines.

Masdar and EDF sign MOU to develop 3.6 GW in Kyrgyz Republic

  • 2023-12-04 06:36:06.410772
  • David Flin

Masdar and EDF have signed an MOU at the COP28 talks in Dubai to investigate the potential development of 3.6 GW of hydropower and renewable energy projects in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Meralco starts bidding for 1200 MW power supply

  • 2023-11-30 06:13:29.148053
  • David Flin

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) of the Philippines has announced the start of its competitive bidding for 1200 MW of power supply requirement.

Nusantara solar power plant to be operational in February 2024

  • 2023-11-28 05:51:58.610997
  • David Flin

Indonesia’s state-run electricity company PT PLN has announced February 2024 will be the start of operations for the solar power plant currently being built in the new capital city Nusantara under development in the province of East Kalimantan.

India wants private money for new coal-fired power plants

  • 2023-11-22 06:02:13.673022
  • David Flin

India has asked private firms to ramp up investments in new coal-fired power plants to meet a dramatic rise in electricity demand, with a target of nearly 30 GW by 2030.