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Energy and utilities light up at the edge of the machine economy

  • 1 year, 10 months ago (2022-01-20)
  • Junior Isles

The energy and utilities sector is striving to harness the opportunities and value of modernisation and digital transformation. Central to this digital transformation is the need to be empowered by data – data that is captured and analysed at the edge of the operations network.

By Thomas Rosen, Vice President, Sales, EMEA, Wind River

Beyond hydrogen

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-19)
  • Junior Isles

In the case of the hydrogen economy, digital technology will be a major accelerator for driving down the cost of hydrogen, thereby helping energy companies achieve short and long-term sustainability.

by Ron Beck, Senior Director, Industry Marketing, AspenTech

Rapid ramp-up in renewables will be central to achieving net-zero

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-15)
  • Junior Isles

A rapid acceleration in the rollout of renewables will be crucial if economies are to meet ambitious net-zero goals. Pierre Georges, Senior Director, Sector Lead for EMEA Utilities at S&P Global Ratings, explains why volatile energy markets and enduring supply chain issues pose challenges to the ongoing energy transition.

Bulb Energy’s collapse raises doubts about UK’s plans to decarbonise by 2035

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-14)
  • Junior Isles

In terms of green energy, the collapse of UK energy supplier, Bulb Energy, is a big blow for the government’s pledge to fully decarbonise its power grid by 2035.

By Kunal Sawhney, CEO, Kalkine Group

Redefining IT to address sustainability in the energy sector

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-13)
  • Junior Isles

IT can be a key business enabler, helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to reduce emissions, meet their sustainability goals and demonstrate how they are innovating for a low-carbon future while providing choice and value to customers.

By Simon Reynolds, Energy & Utilities Lead, Coeus Consulting

NextGenerationEU green bonds: a shot in the arm for projects worldwide

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-09)
  • Junior Isles

The NextGenerationEU green bond, the European Commission’s first and world’s largest green bond, marks a monumental shift for issuers and other market participants in continually evolving capital and financial markets and represents another step in international bodies’ collective efforts to support green projects worldwide

By Siddhartha Sivaramakrishnan (Partner), Ranajoy Basu (Partner) and Raminta Dereskeviciute (Counsel), McDermott Will & Emery

Selecting renewable energy projects that go beyond carbon-free electricity

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-12-09)
  • Junior Isles

Renewable buyers and developers, looking to maximize the industry’s potential, need data and tools that will allow buyers to identify and contract with high-impact projects at the scale and speed the climate crisis demands.  Such tools need to offer a thorough representation of a project’s total impact beyond just the carbon-free electricity it delivers.

By Zach Starsia, Director of Accounts, LevelTen Energy

Calling for a faster wind of change

  • 1 year, 11 months ago (2021-11-30)
  • Junior Isles

It’s not enough to increase electricity generation from renewable energies; we also need the appropriate grid infrastructure to transport this electricity to where it can be consumed.

By Hauke Jürgensen, Senior Vice President High-Voltage Grids at Siemens Energy

Data centres: an opportunity from a crisis

  • 2 years ago (2021-11-04)
  • Junior Isles

How electricity price volatility and the race to grid sustainability is accelerating demand response opportunities in data centres

By Kerr Johnstone CEng MIET Director at i3 Solutions Group

Reliable grid connections are fundamental to electricity access and economic growth

  • 2 years ago (2021-11-04)
  • Junior Isles

Grid connections across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have expanded in recent years to improve energy access, but increasing electrification is only part of the picture. Households and businesses connected to the grid often have an unreliable electricity supply, limiting the benefits. Problems are generally related to the capacity and quality of electricity systems, but a lack of financial resources makes it difficult for utilities to rectify them.

By Simon Trace, Programme Director of the Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) research programme, funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)