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Decision time for oil & gas?

  • 3 months ago (2023-08-08)
  • Junior Isles

Since 2016 there has been a persistent gap in the cost of capital for renewable companies versus oil & gas companies. Consequently, some oil & gas clients have not been able to get new renewable projects to clear their cost of capital and others have billions of capital already invested but earning low returns. It is a structural weakness oil & gas will need to address.   

By Heidi Hellmann and Kasparas Ragaisis at Marakon

The best of both worlds: Can a hybrid approach to SAP S/4 HANA beat greenfield or brownfield deployment?

  • 5 months ago (2023-06-17)
  • Junior Isles

Potentially, moving from one ERP system to another is much more than a simple upgrade. Additionally, energy companies need to ask themselves whether a greenfield approach is better suited to their needs or a brownfield approach is better? Each approach has its pros and cons, but there is a third way, the hybrid approach. Typically, it involves migrating data from one or more ERP systems to a new S/4HANA solution.

by Richard Evans, Head of Solutions and Innovation at Delaware UK

Balancing energy security and the transition: a fine line to walk

  • 5 months ago (2023-06-08)
  • Junior Isles

With the ongoing geopolitical uncertainty many consider that short-term challenges in the energy sector will be the priority. Security trumps transition. But with enough planning and recognition of lessons learned over the past years, it could be that the industry will be able to address security and transition in one fell swoop.

By Gabrielle Reid, Associate Director, Strategic Intelligence, at S-RM

The history and future of nuclear energy

  • 6 months ago (2023-05-04)
  • Junior Isles

Zoe Stollard, Construction & Energy Partner at Browne Jacobson, reflects on the history of civil nuclear and explores the future of nuclear energy.

The impact of Western sanctions on the energy sector

  • 6 months ago (2023-05-04)
  • Junior Isles

Sanctions have reportedly begun to successfully dent the Russian energy sector’s revenue, but their long-term effectiveness is uncertain given the increase in Russian oil imports by non-aligned countries and a growing trend of sanctions circumvention.

By Steven Farmer, Partner, Aaron Hutman, Partner, Iris Karaman, Associate, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Uncertainty for energy investors around proposed EU withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty

  • 6 months ago (2023-05-04)
  • Junior Isles

The Energy Charter Treaty has been the subject of widespread criticism but the legal ramifications for EU member states looking at withdrawing from the treaty has given rise to increased uncertainty for energy investors, the timing of which is particularly sensitive given the unsettled state of global energy markets.

By Leigh Crestohl, Partner, Zaiwalla & Co., and Stephanie Limaco, Solicitor, Zaiwalla & Co.

Are nuclear powered data centres on the horizon?

  • 7 months ago (2023-04-17)
  • Junior Isles

There are a number of small modular reactors being designed that could theoretically be the right size for several large-scale data centre projects that have been announced. But will the timeframes align?

By Ed Ansett, Founder and Chairman, i3 Solutions Group

On the road to net zero, grid connection delays are standing in our way

  • 7 months ago (2023-04-11)
  • Junior Isles

Wait times for grid connections in the UK have reached up to 13 years. As we head into spring, delays in getting grid connections must be resolved to avoid repeating a winter at risk of blackouts and high energy bills into the future.

By Phil Thompson, CEO of Balance Power and Net Zero Power

How utility providers can transform their cash allocation process in the current cost-of-living crisis

  • 7 months ago (2023-04-04)
  • Junior Isles

IT investment is big business on a global level. Not only does it improve customer service, it also helps to reduce waste – an essential function for utility providers who cannot be seen to be throwing away the very product that many people are struggling to pay for in the first place.

By Craig Naylor-Smith, CEO, Parseq

Fuel cell use in data centres – How much do you know?

  • 8 months ago (2023-03-05)
  • Junior Isles

Despite the evidence of numerous data centres piloting fuel cells, as well as predictions for strong growth of the technology in data centre applications, actual use remains low. The industry needs a greater understanding of fuel cells to drive wider adoption of a technology which could accelerate the effectiveness of the sector’s GHG Abatement efforts.

By Ed Ansett, Founder and Chairman, i3 Solutions Group