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Greece announces plans to phase out coal

  • 2020-09-11 07:29:14.544493
  • David Flin

The Greek Government has announced plans to invest €5 billion in phasing out coal-fired power generation by 2028.

German power sector CO2 emissions reach pre-Covid-19 level

  • 2020-09-03 06:37:44.673857
  • David Flin

Power sector emissions in Germany reached their highest level last month since before the onset of Covid-19, as lower renewable output and increased cooling demand from a heatwave boosted output from thermal power plants.

EDF to close UK Hunterston B nuclear power plant by Jan 2022

  • 2020-08-28 07:47:40.972327
  • David Flin

EDF has announced it will begin decommissioning its Hunterston B nuclear power plant in Scotland by January 2022.

Rosatom to make remix fuel for VVER-1000 reactors

  • 2020-08-27 06:49:59.534905
  • David Flin

Rosatom has said that it will make remix (regenerated mixture) uranium-plutonium fuel for VVER-1000 reactors.

GE Renewable Energy constructing largest wind turbine rotor test rig

  • 2020-08-25 06:58:29.727768
  • David Flin

GE Renewable Energy has announced that construction and commissioning of the test rigs at its wind turbine rotor test facility at LM Wind Power’s WMC Technology Centre in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, will be completed in November 2020.

China Three Gorges to buy 13 Spanish solar power plants

  • 2020-08-19 07:18:10.927462
  • David Flin

China’s energy and infrastructure giant China Three Gorges (CTG) has agreed to buy 13 Spanish solar power plants built by Madrid-based renewables firm X-Elio.

GE Renewable Energy to deliver Cypress wind turbines for wind farm in Lithuania

  • 2020-08-18 07:16:41.043095
  • David Flin

GE Renewable Energy has announced it will supply 13 of its 5.3MW Cypress wind turbines and provide a 25-year Full Services Agreement (FSA) to the E enegija Telšiai onshore wind farm in Lithuania.

Siemens Energy to supply HVDC for seventh offshore wind farm in North Sea

  • 2020-08-12 07:14:35.633735
  • David Flin

Siemens Energy is supplying the HVDC power transmission technology for the offshore connection to a wind farm in the German North Sea.

VPI Immingham power station expansion given go-ahead

  • 2020-08-11 07:25:29.711239
  • David Flin

Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for the UK Government, has granted a development consent order for a 299 MW expansion at VPI Immingham.

Construction of second reactor at Astravets nuclear plant set for mid-2022

  • 2020-08-10 07:01:31.521245
  • David Flin

Alexander Lokshin, First Deputy Director General for Operation Management of Rosatom, announced plans to begin construction of a second reactor at the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant in Belarus, as fuel loading began at the first reactor.