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Main power line restored at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

  • 2022-09-19 07:09:51.349157
  • David Flin

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that one of the four main power lines at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, currently held by Russian military forces after its invasion of Ukraine, has been repaired and is again supplying the plant with electricity from the Ukrainian grid, two weeks after it was disconnected.

Germany to keep two nuclear reactors on standby over winter

  • 2022-09-06 08:03:39.238631
  • David Flin

Robert Habeck, Germany’s Economy Minister, has announced that Germany will keep two of its three remaining nuclear power stations on standby until April 2023, to ensure sufficient electricity supply through the winter.

Rosatom receives permit for two units at Paks II nuclear plant

  • 2022-08-30 06:57:19.370049
  • David Flin

Rosatom has announced that it has been granted a licence to construct two units at the Paks II nuclear power plant site by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (OAH).

Hyundai Engineering to start construction of Chalk River MMR

  • 2022-08-29 07:41:15.413437
  • David Flin

Hyundai Engineering has signed a contract with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp. (USNC) of the USA to supply equipment for the Canadian Chalk River micro modular reactor (MMR) demonstration project.

Japan eyes return to nuclear power

  • 2022-08-25 07:08:31.522127
  • David Flin

Japan is considering building next generation nuclear reactors and restarting idled plants.

Funding for UK’s Sizewell C nuclear power plant approved

  • 2022-08-22 07:03:39.377828
  • David Flin

The UK Government has approved funding for construction of the new Sizewell C nuclear power plant in Suffolk.

Russia fires rockets at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

  • 2022-08-08 07:57:04.329524
  • David Flin

Ukraine has claimed that Russian forces fired rockets on 6 August at a spent fuel storage area at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, risking what Energoatom, the country’s nuclear power company, called a “nuclear disaster”.

US nuclear regulator approves NuScale’s SMR

  • 2022-08-02 06:53:46.108031
  • David Flin

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has agreed to certify the first SMR, from NuScale.

Germany debates closure of nuclear plants

  • 2022-08-01 06:26:56.454076
  • David Flin

Following Russia’s cutting of gas supplies to Europe, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner has called for a halt to electricity production using gas and delaying the phaseout of nuclear power.

Rosatom starts construction of fourth unit in Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear power plant

  • 2022-07-25 07:40:27.871263
  • David Flin

The Russian state-owned company Rosatom has announced that the main construction for the fourth and final unit of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey has started.