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OPG refurbishing eight hydropower plants for C$1 billion

  • 2024-06-28 05:28:16
  • David Flin

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) of Canada has announced it is spending C$1 billion to refurbish eight hydropower plants in eastern Ontario.

China solar and hydro output surge

  • 2024-06-18 07:21:51
  • David Flin

China has reduced power generation from fossil fuels as output from sunlight and water surges, suggesting that China’s emission levels may have peaked.

Suki Kinari hydropower plant begins wet testing

  • 2024-06-17 06:29:37
  • David Flin

The first unit (Unit 4) of Pakistan’s Suki Kinari Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower plant invested in and constructed by China Energy Construction Overseas Investment Co, has successfully entered wet testing.

US DOE allocates funds for hydropower research

  • 2024-06-14 07:20:20
  • David Flin

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) has announced funding of $1.7 million for research and development of hydropower and marine energy.

Pakistan’s Neelum-Jhelum hydropower plant shut down due to safety concerns

  • 2024-05-03 07:33:38
  • David Flin

The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) of Pakistan has announced that the 969 MW Neelum-Jhelum hydropower plant has been completely shut down for inspection.

EIA predicts US hydropower to increase by 6 per cent in 2024

  • 2024-04-22 06:28:31
  • David Flin

According to a report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US hydropower electricity generation is expected to rise by 6 per cent from the low of 2023 to 250 TWh.

OPG to refurbish historical Niagara hydropower plants

  • 2024-04-17 07:27:50
  • David Flin

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) of Canada has announced plans to refurbish its hydropower stations in Niagara, including the Sir Adam Beck Complex at Niagara Falls.

Three dead in explosion at Italian hydropower plant

  • 2024-04-11 07:28:22
  • David Flin

At least three people have been killed and four are missing after a fire and explosion underground at the Bargi hydropower plant in northern Italy.

Russian missiles damage Ukraine power facilities

  • 2024-04-01 07:29:49
  • David Flin

Russian missile and drone attacks hit thermal and hydro power plants in central and western Ukraine in the latest barrage targeting the country’s already damaged power infrastructure, as part of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Brazil reduces reliance on hydropower

  • 2024-03-15 05:42:35
  • David Flin

Brazil has reduced the proportion of electricity generated by hydropower, replacing it with solar and wind, according to data from energy think tank Ember.

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