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Qatar to consider nuclear generation option

  • 2010-10-19 12:40:33
  • Junior Isles

Qatar may decide as early as next year on whether to develop nuclear power capabilities, as the gas rich Gulf Arab state looks to wean its dependency away from hydrocarbons.

Masdar City to be scaled back

  • 2010-10-11 23:59:08
  • Junior Isles

The government of Abu Dhabi is scaling back its plans for an ambitious clean energy city as part of a wide-ranging review of the $22 billion project.

Bushehr nuclear plant to reach full generation in early 2011

  • 2010-10-06 14:09:21
  • Junior Isles

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi has announced that the Bushehr nuclear power plant will reach its nominal generating capacity in spring.

GE to fund $700 million Saudi power plant

  • 2010-10-04 18:08:43
  • Junior Isles

GE Energy has signed agreements worth approximately $700 million to supply power generation equipment and long-term services for a new gas-fired, independent power plant that will help Saudi Arabia, the Middle East's largest economy, meet a growing need for residential and industrial power.

Egypt to dramatically increase wind power production

  • 2010-09-16 19:26:47
  • Junior Isles

Egypt’s Electricity Minister Hassan Younis has reported that a total of 2500 MW, generated exclusively from wind power, will soon be added to the national power grid.

Japan and Kuwait in nuclear cooperation

  • 2010-09-11 21:22:28
  • Junior Isles

Japan and Kuwait have reached an agreement to cooperate in building nuclear power plants and encouraging the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Turkey to start privatisation of electricity generation

  • 2010-08-21 06:47:24
  • David Flin

Ahmet Aksu, Vice President of the Turkish Privatisation Authority, has said that the country will soon start to privatise electricity generation.

Iran invites US firms to bid for nuclear plant projects

  • 2010-08-18 07:39:10
  • David Flin

With Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr approaching a major milestone, Iranian officials say that they are looking to expand the programme with more such plants.

South Korea to sign early nuclear deal with Turkey

  • 2010-08-16 17:34:04
  • David Flin

A senior South Korean government official said that it is on the verge of signing a deal to supply a nuclear power plant to Turkey ahead of schedule.

Iran to start nuclear power generation in December

  • 2010-08-16 07:21:39
  • David Flin

Iran will start generation of electricity from nuclear power in early December, according to Mohammad Ahmadian, Managing Director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Generation and Development Company.

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