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Siemens announces upgrade of SGT-800 industrial gas turbine

  • 2017-09-19 06:30:35.494711
  • David Flin

Siemens has announced that its SGT-800 industrial gas turbine has been upgraded to enable it to achieve a power output of 57 MW and an efficiency of over 40 per cent in simple cycle application.

Trade union action looms over Sri Lanka’s disputed LNG power plan

  • 2017-09-04 06:57:30.379429
  • David Flin

Engineers of state-run Ceylon Electricity Board have given notice of trade union action over a generation plan that they claim show LNG power plants were shown to be cheaper than coal.

Siemens announces development of HL gas turbine

  • 2017-08-08 06:42:52.739670
  • David Flin

Siemens has announced that it is developing its HL-class gas turbines.

DTE seeks permission for $1 billion gas plant in Detroit

  • 2017-08-02 05:39:38.016952
  • David Flin

DTE Energy has announced that it is seeking permission to build a natural gas-fired power plant northeast of Detroit, USA, as the utility moves forward with plans to close coal-fired plants.

Indonesia Power awards EPC contract for CCGT

  • 2017-07-20 04:11:31.290419
  • David Flin

Indonesia Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of PLN, has announced that it has awarded a consortium of GE, Marubeni, and Hutama Karya an EPC contract for the Tambak Lorok Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 3 Project.

Siemens to supply power train for Kuwait power plant

  • 2017-07-05 05:41:19.051752
  • David Flin

Siemens has won an order to supply the key power generation equipment for the Sabiya Extension 3 combined cycle power plant in Kuwait.

Centrica to sell two CCGT power plants in UK

  • 2017-06-27 04:45:43.523300
  • David Flin

UK-based Centrica has agreed to sell two of its combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power stations, Langage and South Humber Bank, to EP UK Investments (EPUK) for £318 million.

First GE 9HA gas turbine enters service in Russia

  • 2017-06-20 04:17:00.773236
  • David Flin

The first GE 9HA gas turbine in Russia has entered service at a power plant in Kazan, in Tatarstan.

Los Angeles pauses $2.2 billion gas plant investment plan

  • 2017-06-08 03:33:48.306346
  • David Flin

In Los Angeles, California, USA, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has announced that it will reconsider a $2.2 billion natural gas investment plan, and will instead look first to renewable resources to meet demand.

GE signs contracts for gas and wind power contracts in Vietnam

  • 2017-06-01 05:48:36.849819
  • David Flin

GE has announced that it has signed agreements valued at over $2 billion to support the development of Vietnam’s energy sector.