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Indian hydro power generation will not benefit from a good monsoon season

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-04)

A better than average monsoon season in India has not increased the hydro electric power production this year

Russia submits first UN Climate Convention project

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-03)

Russia has submitted its first project under the United Nations Convention for Climate Change (UNCCC) to curb carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions, according to RIA Novosti news agency.

Exelon acquires John Deere Renewables

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-03)

Pomerania best location for Polish nuclear power plant

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-03)

All signs indicate that a nuclear power station will be built in Pomerania region, according to Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

GDF Suez will not cut jobs after merger

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-03)

Mexico to cut CO2 emissions by 2012

  • 8 years ago (2010-09-03)

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has said that his country will reduce the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions by 50 million tons by the end of 2012, thus becoming the first developing country to achieve this goal.

CERC asked to approve Indian renewable energy certificate contracts

  • 8 years ago (2010-08-30)
  • David Flin

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange India (PXI), both involved in day-ahead energy trading, have approached India’s central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) asking for the introduction of renewable energy certificate (REC) contracts.

Vietnam to build another hydropower plant in Laos

  • 8 years ago (2010-08-28)
  • David Flin

The V&H Corporation of Vietnam has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Laos Government to build the Lower Sekong Hydropower Plant, with a design capacity of 80 MW.

Statoil to build world’s first commercial floating wind farm in Scottish waters

  • 8 years ago (2010-08-27)
  • David Flin

The Scottish Government has announced that it has accepted a proposal from Statoil, Norway’s largest energy company, to commercially test its Hywind floating wind turbines in deep water either off the coast of Lewis or Aberdeenshire.

Reliance Power to invest $5 billion in South Sumatra coal

  • 8 years ago (2010-08-25)
  • David Flin

India’s Reliance Power has announced that it will invest $5 billion to develop three coal mines and a railway in Indonesia’s South Sumatra, to help support the company’s ambitious domestic programme to boost electricity programme.