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Call to raise power price to stimulate competition to Eskom

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-19)
  • David Flin

Consultants Frost & Sullivan say that the South African government should raise electricity tariffs to a level that will allow Eskom and independent power producers to operate.

Marine energy market hit by economic storm

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-17)
  • David Flin

The European marine energy industry is still weathering storms unleashed by the global economic crisis.

ABB and Fortum to develop large-scale smart grid

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-16)
  • David Flin

ABB has announced that it will work on a joint development project with Fortum to design and install a large-scale smart grid in a new district of the city of , .

Eskom seeking new CEO

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-13)
  • David Flin

South African power utility Eskom has said that it will start looking for a new CEO after former CEO Jacob Maroga quit, ending a long leadership battle at the company.

Funding critical for geothermal industry

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-11)
  • David Flin

Speaking at the Geothermal Energy Association’s conference, Terry Kallis from the geothermal development company, Petratherm, told delegates that funding is critical to success.

South Africa will not raise renewable goals

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-10)
  • David Flin

Spain sets new wind power record

  • 8 years ago (2009-11-09)
  • David Flin

Wind power in reached a new record during 8 th November, providing at its peak 53.7 per cent of ’s total electricity demand, 10.7 per cent greater than the previous record set in November 2008.

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