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COP28: More loopholes than a butterfly net

  • 2023-12-14 07:33:44
  • David Flin

The agreement reached at COP28 was, in some ways, a milestone, in that for the first time for nearly 30 years, specific mention of fossil fuels has been made.

Stand-off continuing at COP28 over phase-out of fossil fuel use

  • 2023-12-13 07:14:52
  • David Flin

The COP28 talks have been the first to directly mention fossil fuel usage in a global climate agreement. However, countries have been wrangling over the text of this agreement.

US wind power generation on course to surpass coal

  • 2023-12-06 06:45:45.588890
  • David Flin

US electricity generation from wind power is on course to surpass coal-fired electricity generation, potentially by 2026, as wind supply growth expands at a record pace just as coal-fired generation is cut across the country.

India wants private money for new coal-fired power plants

  • 2023-11-22 06:02:13.673022
  • David Flin

India has asked private firms to ramp up investments in new coal-fired power plants to meet a dramatic rise in electricity demand, with a target of nearly 30 GW by 2030.

World Bank approves $1 billion loan to help South Africa tackle power crisis

  • 2023-10-26 07:14:35.182864
  • David Flin

The World Bank has announced that its board has approved a $1 billion loan to help South Africa reform its energy sector, as the country tries to overcome regular power cuts that have curbed economic growth.

Half of World economies have passed peak fossil-fuel power generation

  • 2023-10-20 06:06:01.796162
  • David Flin

Research by the energy think tank Ember indicates that around half of the world’s economies have already passed their peak in power generation from fossil fuels.

India coal stocks drop sharply as demand outpaces supply

  • 2023-10-19 07:09:03.539136
  • David Flin

Coal inventories at Indian power plants in the first half of October fell at their fastest rate in two years, with electricity demand boosting imports as fuel use outpaced supply.

Germany prepares coal-fired plants for winter operation

  • 2023-10-05 06:39:32.870874
  • David Flin

Germany has announced that it will be preparing several frozen brown coal-fired power plants to make them available for power generation in the winter to ensure security of supply.

Australia reviews decision to close largest coal-fired power station

  • 2023-09-06 06:39:25.141700
  • David Flin

The New South Wales Government in Australia said that it will discuss the possibility of keeping Australia’s largest coal-fired power station open beyond its planned closure in 2025.

India increases coal use due to unusually dry weather

  • 2023-09-04 07:01:04.041701
  • David Flin

India has increased its use of coal to generate electricity in an attempt to stop outages caused by lower hydropower output and as its renewable capacity is struggling to meet record demand.

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