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Selected highlights from the October 2019 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 19 days ago (2019-10-01)
  • Junior Isles
Africa 195 Asia 514 Australasia 21 Climate change 5 Coal 106 Cogeneration 1 Concentrating solar 4 Cyber security 3 Decentralised energy 2 Digitalisation 6 Distributed energy 4 Distribution 46 Electric vehicles EVs 1 Emissions 19 Equipment 2 Europe 713 Gas 141 Gas engine plant 26 Horizon 2 Hydroelectric 17 Hydropower 24 Latin America 28 Maintenance 2 Metering 1 microgrid 2 Middle East 240 North America 811 Nuclear 451 Offshore wind 38 Oil 8 Operations 2 Policy 5 Regulations 1 Renewables 628 Solar 92 Storage 18 substation 8 Tepco 2 Tidal 1 Toshiba 4 Transmission 73 US Senate Washington 2 Wind 98
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Selected highlights from the October 2019 edition of The Energy Industry Times

Special Technology Supplement: Power-to-X: the pathway to a carbon-free world
Deploying renewables across all sectors of the global energy economy is seen as crucial in meeting zero carbon emissions targets. Power-to-X is the key to unlocking the potential of this so-called sector coupling.

Fuel Watch: Natural gas begins to lose its lustre as a bridge to renewables
For decades, natural gas has been promoted as a cleaner, safer, cheaper bridge fuel that would take us to a world in which renewable energy rules. But increasingly, the argument is appearing that natural gas is every bit as problematic to global warming as coal and crude.

Interview: Adding value through digitalisation
Omnetric believes the ability to add value through digitalisation and IoT are key to the success of utilities – and to achieving its own near-term growth targets. Junior Isles caught up with Daniel Felicio, the company’s new CEO.

Industry Perspective: Hydrogen and a zero-carbon world
Progress towards net zero carbon will eventually require the end of the use of natural gas for all but a small number of critical applications. Although hydrogen is not an energy source, it is a potentially leading energy vector.

Energy Outlook: Wind farm decommissioning: planning ahead
The comparatively low anticipated cost of wind farm decommissioning does not mean the industry should lose sight of the challenges decommissioning can and will pose to the wind sector.

Technology: Superconducting HVDC passes the test
A superconducting HVDC cable has passed qualification testing for the first time, heralding the first real step in demonstrating the technology could be a viable option for transmitting large amounts of power over long distances in the not too distant future.

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