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Selected highlights from the January 2022 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 17 days ago (2022-01-04)
  • Junior Isles
Africa 253 Asia 694 Australasia 37 Biomass 4 Climate change 14 Coal 203 Cogeneration 1 Concentrating solar 5 Cyber security 7 Decentralised energy 4 Demand side management 2 Demand side response 2 Digitalisation 9 Distributed energy 6 Distribution 78 Electric vehicles EVs 4 Emissions 34 Energy management 1 Equipment 2 Europe 878 Gas 244 Gas engine plant 43 Horizon 2 Hydroelectric 17 Hydrogen 14 Hydropower 52 Latin America 48 Maintenance 2 Marine 1 Metering 2 microgrid 4 Middle East 275 North America 900 Nuclear 539 Offshore wind 82 Oil 10 Operations 2 Policy 5 Regulations 2 Renewables 692 Solar 152 Storage 24 substation 8 Tepco 2 Tidal 2 Toshiba 4 Transmission 116 US Senate Washington 3 Wind 173
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Selected highlights from the January 2022 edition of The Energy Industry Times

Fuel Watch: Snam commits to hydrogen future, US sets up clean energy office

8th World photovoltaic energy conversion conference
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8th World photovoltaic energy conversion conference

Keen to take a leading role in Europe’s transition to clean energy, Italy’s Snam, the largest gas pipeline operator in Europe, has committed some €23 billion to investments in hydrogen infrastructure from now until 2030.

Industry Perspective: Waste-to-energy: the missing piece of the taxonomy puzzle

The waste management sector can contribute to at least three of the six objectives of the EU taxonomy but the current plan overlooks a cornerstone of sustainable waste management: dealing with residual waste. Waste-to-energy has a vital role to play here, say CEWEP’s (Confederation of European Waste-to- Energy Plants) Dr. Ella Stengler and Maxime Pernal.

Energy Outlook: Coal rebound puts climate change on the ropes

Rapid economic recovery is driving global coal power generation to a record high and overall coal demand to a potential all-time high this year, further jeopardising climate goals.
TEI Times looks at the key findings from the International Energy Agency’s ‘Coal21’ report.

Technology Focus: Hydrogen makes progress with plastics

Making use of hard to recycle plastics could be one way of reducing plastic waste, while supporting the UK’s hydrogen strategy. Junior Isles looks at how Peel NRE is progressing with plans to roll-out plastics-to-hydrogen technology.

Final Word: Never the twain shall meet

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