Selected highlights from the February 2021 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 30 days ago (2021-02-01)
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Africa 235 Asia 614 Australasia 31 Climate change 10 Coal 156 Cogeneration 1 Concentrating solar 4 Cyber security 7 Decentralised energy 4 Demand side management 1 Demand side response 1 Digitalisation 8 Distributed energy 6 Distribution 63 Electric vehicles EVs 3 Emissions 25 Energy management 1 Equipment 2 Europe 819 Gas 208 Gas engine plant 35 Horizon 2 Hydroelectric 17 Hydrogen 1 Hydropower 37 Latin America 41 Maintenance 2 Marine 1 Metering 2 microgrid 2 Middle East 260 North America 859 Nuclear 497 Offshore wind 61 Oil 10 Operations 2 Policy 5 Regulations 2 Renewables 669 Solar 131 Storage 22 substation 8 Tepco 2 Tidal 1 Toshiba 4 Transmission 102 US Senate Washington 3 Wind 153
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Selected highlights from the February 2021 edition of The Energy Industry Times

Fuel Watch: Nord Stream II runs into new political headwinds
The future of Nord Stream II is in question following the arrest of political activist Alexei Navalny and looming US sanctions against Europe.

Industry Perspective: Energy communities gather momentum in Europe
Although energy communities has been an industry buzzword for years, only recently have regulation, technology and functioning use and business cases provided a solid foundation for mass adoption. Nevertheless, challenges still remain.

Energy Outlook: Taking solar to the next level
Solar power is one of the key technologies that are central to the EU’s zero carbon ambitions. But with today’s solar cells reaching their limits in terms of practically achievable efficiency, further innovation is needed. Graphene-based perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells could be the answer.

Technology Focus: Liquid metal battery storage looks hot
A novel battery technology will be demonstrated at a data centre to be built in the desert of Reno, Nevada, USA. The battery holds the promise of low cost, compact storage, capable of cycling without degradation.

Final Word: Spring cleaning

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