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Selected highlights from the December 2019 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 4 days ago (2019-12-01)
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Africa 198 Asia 527 Australasia 22 Climate change 6 Coal 112 Cogeneration 1 Concentrating solar 4 Cyber security 3 Decentralised energy 3 Digitalisation 7 Distributed energy 5 Distribution 48 Electric vehicles EVs 1 Emissions 19 Equipment 2 Europe 722 Gas 148 Gas engine plant 28 Horizon 2 Hydroelectric 17 Hydropower 25 Latin America 29 Maintenance 2 Metering 1 microgrid 2 Middle East 242 North America 815 Nuclear 454 Offshore wind 41 Oil 8 Operations 2 Policy 5 Regulations 1 Renewables 631 Solar 94 Storage 18 substation 8 Tepco 2 Tidal 1 Toshiba 4 Transmission 77 US Senate Washington 2 Wind 102
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Selected highlights from the December 2019 edition of The Energy Industry Times

Fuel Watch: Europe’s winter gas supplies depend on Russia-Ukraine transit deal
A delay in the completion of Nord Stream 2 means Gazprom must now find some agreement with Ukraine to keep the gas flowing to Europe or risk a crisis with the European Union.

Industry Perspective: Are DSOs and energy communities the next innovation disruptors?
There is a trend towards distributed energy resources becoming increasingly managed within local energy systems. This clearly puts Distribution System Operators at a central pivotal point, using demand side flexibility as a strategy to decrease network management costs, investment costs, and working in coordination with local energy systems to minimise the creation of new congestion, ideally using them as one flexible asset, says Delta-EE’s Rita Desmyter.

Energy Outlook: A year in WtE and what lies ahead
It has once again been a year of change for the waste-to-energy sector, but it would be naïve to think that – when it comes to alternative fuel production – there has been unified progress across the globe. Here, UNTHA America's Bernhard Martinz and Gary Moore reflect on the evolving WtE landscape in the USA and further afield, before predicting what 2020 may have in store.

Technology: Net zero: building a future
With more and more companies pledging ambitious emissions reduction targets to support climate change goals, energy management in buildings has become a key focus of operations.

Final Word: Living on the edge

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