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Selected highlights from the August 2021 edition of The Energy Industry Times

  • 1 year, 4 months ago (2021-08-02)
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Africa 268 Asia 746 Australasia 42 Biomass 5 Climate change 17 Coal 229 Cogeneration 1 Concentrating solar 5 Cyber security 8 Decentralised energy 4 Demand side management 2 Demand side response 2 Digitalisation 9 Distributed energy 7 Distribution 87 Electric vehicles EVs 4 Emissions 39 Energy management 1 Equipment 2 Europe 969 Gas 282 Gas engine plant 48 Horizon 2 Hydroelectric 17 Hydrogen 30 Hydropower 72 Latin America 62 Maintenance 3 Marine 1 Metering 2 microgrid 4 Middle East 295 North America 926 Nuclear 587 Offshore wind 103 Oil 10 Operations 4 Policy 6 Regulations 2 Renewables 708 Solar 187 Storage 26 substation 8 Tepco 2 Tidal 2 Toshiba 4 Transmission 139 US Senate Washington 3 Wind 200
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Selected highlights from the August 2021 edition of The Energy Industry Times

Fuel Watch: US DOE funds Hydrogen Energy Earthshot projects
The US Department of Energy last month announced that it would provide $52.5 million in funding for 31 projects designed to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies and support the DOE’s Hydrogen Energy Earthshot initiative.

Eastern Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2023
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Eastern Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2023

Special Supplement: The need to speed towards a resilient, carbon-neutral future
The urgent need to make the transition towards a carbon-neutral energy future is becoming increasingly clear. Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ Dr. Gerhard Salge, explains why this transition has to be done sustainably, and in a way that improves system resilience.

Industry Perspective: Digital infrastructure is key to a renewable future
Many are convinced that greater use of renewables will lead to more blackouts. To convince these doubters, green energy will need to prove it can form the backbone of the grid. Digital infrastructure will play a vital part in this, reliably transmitting the data renewable providers need to keep the lights on.

Climate Countdown: Australia must be a decarbonisation leader, not a laggard
With the COP26 climate change conference just over three months away, TEI Times continues its focus on Asia’s plans for decarbonisation.  This month, Asian energy expert and author Joseph Jacobelli focuses on Australia, arguing that the country could, and should, be doing far more.

Energy Outlook: Biomass use must be sustainable
While bio-resources are in principle renewable, there is growing concern over the sustainability of biomass for applications such as power generation.

Final Word: Fit for 55 doesn’t come with ease

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