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Zimbabwe seeks funds to improve power infrastructure

  • 5 years ago (2018-12-03)
  • David Flin
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A report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) states that Zimbabwe requires $1.2 billion to finance new power projects and repair ageing infrastructure. The AfDB noted that several of the country’s thermal power stations have passed their lifetime expectancy, and poor maintenance has left them in a dilapidated condition.

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Zimbabwe’s power stations include: Kariba South Hydropower station, Hwange thermal power station, Harare thermal power station, Munyati thermal power station, and Bulawayo thermal power station. The AfDB said: “The five power stations have exceeded their design life of 25 years. In addition, infrequent and inadequate maintenance on the units affects the stations’ ability to generate electricity to their capacities.”

According to the AfDB’s 2018 Infrastructure Report on Zimbabwe, the key elements of the funding requirements include: $42 million for distribution projects, $442 million for transmission projects, and $629 for new projects, including expansion of Batoka Hydro and Hwange.

The report said: “The loss of experienced staff in the last decade has contributed to the sub-standard performance of the electricity supply industry. The unsustainable performance of the sub-sector is reflected in the low investment in infrastructure and substandard delivery of service. A substantially improved performance of the power sector is of fundamental importance for sustained economic recovery in Zimbabwe.”