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Xcel Energy completes major transmission projects

  • 12 years ago (2010-01-20)
  • David Flin
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Xcel Energy has announced the successful completion of the Buffalo Ridge Incremental Generation Outlet (BRIGO) Transmission Projects, designed to increase the system’s ability to carry wind power to the states of and . The BRIGO series of projects installed approximately 50 miles of new transmission lines from the wind-rich Buffalo Ridge area of and .

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The projects increased the system’s export capacity from 260MW to approximately 1200MW. Currently, wind energy is almost 8 per cent of Xcel Energy’s fuel mix in the upper midwest, and by 2020, the company plans that wind power will form about 19 per cent of its energy portfolio in the region.

The BRIGO series of projects included:

  • A 115kV transmission line connecting Fenton Substation in , to Nobles County Substation in .
  • A new 115kV line from Lake Yanton Substation to Southeast Marshall Substation, both located in .
  • A 115kV line from Yankee Substation in to Brookings County Substation in .
  • A 345 kV line connecting and White Substations, both in .
  • Associated transformer installations in and .

Work on the BRIGO projects was completed ahead of schedule at a total cost of approximately $55 million.