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Wärtsilä to supply 108 MW balancing power to US cooperative

  • 1 year, 5 months ago (2023-01-26)
  • David Flin
Gas engine plant 62 North America 1004

Wärtsilä has announced it will supply the generating capacity for the Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV power plant located in North Dakota, USA. This will enable it to provide Basin Electric Power Cooperative with the flexible generation needed to balance variable renewable sources, notably wind and solar.

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EP Shanghai 2024

Wärtsilä will supply six 50SG gas engines with a combined output of 108 MW. The fast start and stop capability of the engines is ideal to balance power capacity from variable renewable sources.

The equipment is scheduled for delivery in the early part of 2024, and the plant is due to be fully operational by summer 2025.

Todd Telesz, CEO and General Manager of Basin Electric, said: “The Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV power plant project will serve the growing needs of the cooperative’s members with reliable, affordable, and responsible electricity. Load forecasts show member cooperatives will require more electricity by 2025.”