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Vestas to enter offshore wind power market in South Korea

  • 5 months ago (2022-03-08)
  • David Flin
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Vestas has signed an agreement with Ulsan City, Ulsan Port Authority, and Sejin Heavy Industries to jointly push for a floating offshore wind power generation hub.

8th World photovoltaic energy conversion conference
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8th World photovoltaic energy conversion conference

The Ulsan city government said that the agreement would lay the groundwork for establishing a base for exports of offshore wind power generation equipment and materials. An unnamed city official said: “Today’s agreement is a stepping stone for entering the global market.”

South Korea plans to expand its renewable energy capacity up to 60 GW by 2034. Around 9 GW will come from a major floating offshore wind power complex to be built off the coast of Ulsan. Ulsan also plans to build a green hydrogen production base capable of generating 84 000 tons of hydrogen annually. The plant will use offshore wind power to generate hydrogen from seawater.