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Vattenfall plans 720 MW new hydropower capacity in Sweden

  • 7 months ago (2023-04-20)
  • David Flin
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Vattenfall has announced plans to build new hydropower units in four Swedish locations that are already home to hydropower plants. In total, the project will provide 720 MW of new capacity. The projects are planned for completion in the 2030s, pending an upcoming decision on investment.

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The four projects involve the following:

  • Renew and reinstate a unit at the Harsprånget power station on the Luleälv river. Potential of up to 110 MW. Commercial operation schedule for 2026.
  • Increase water flow and generation by up to 80 MW at the Porious power station on the Luleälv river. Commercial operation scheduled for 2031.
  • A pilot study is underway to investigate reinstating the Juktan power station on the Storjuktan lake to a pumped storage plant with a potential of up to 380 MW. Commercial operation is scheduled for 2031.
  • Plans for a fourth unit at the Messaure power station on the Luleälv river, with a capacity of up to 150 MW. Commercial operation scheduled for 2032.