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USA’s Palisades nuclear power plant may restart with new deal

  • 8 months ago (2023-09-13)
  • David Flin
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Holtec International and Wolverine Power Cooperative have announced that they have entered into a long-term PPA that could enable the restart of the 800 MW Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Covert Township, Michigan, USA.

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Wolverine will purchase two-thirds of the power generated by Palisades for its Michigan-based member rural electric cooperatives. Hoosier Energy, Wolverine’s non-profit partner, will purchase the balance.

Palisades was shutdown in May 2022, and Holtec acquired the plant in June 2022. The plant is now on track to become the first successfully restarted nuclear power plant in the United States. Holtec submitted an application with the US Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office in early 2023 for Federal funding to repower Palisades.

Kelly Trice, President of Holtec Nuclear Generation and Decommissioning, said: “We are thrilled to enter into this partnership. The PPA represents a significant milestone in our journey towards reopening the plant. The repowering of Palisades will ensure Michigan has sufficient energy to meet future demand and mitigate the impact of climate change, while creating hundreds of high-paying Michigan jobs, expanding the local tax base, and unleashing economic opportunity within the region and beyond.”