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Ukraine signs MOU for floating power units

  • 10 months ago (2023-01-27)
  • David Flin
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Following the devastation caused by Russian attacks against power infrastructure, JSC Energy Company of Ukraine (EKU JSC) has signed an MOU with Turkey’s Karpowership . The companies will work together to add power to Ukraine’s grid.

Eastern Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2023 (EMC)
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Eastern Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2023 (EMC)

Vitaly Butenko, General Director of EKU JSC said: “Ukraine’s energy system was subjected to 12 massive Russian attacks. The deficit of electricity due to damage to the generating infrastructure of Ukraine is increasing. While war continues, building new power units to restore lost or damaged generating capacity is impossible, and we need to find innovative solutions to overcome the current crisis.”

The MOU, according to Karpowership, will “enhance electricity supply cooperation and fast-track the use of floating power stations” to help alleviate the energy crisis in Ukraine. Karpowership plans to deliver 500 MW to the Ukrainian grid via Powerships, which will most likely be moored offshore in Moldova or Romania, and fed into Ukraine’s system via transmission lines. EKU JSC and Karpowership will need the agreement of the Moldovan and/or Romanian authorities.

According to Karpowership, the vessels can be directly connected to existing infrastructure in less than 30 days. The plants operate on multi-fuel natural gas/LNG and low-sulphur liquid fuel.