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UK to target eliminating fossil fuels from power generation by 2035

  • a month ago (2021-10-05)
  • David Flin
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Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, has confirmed plans to eliminate fossil fuels from UK electricity generation by 2035, as part of Britain’s target to become a net zero emission economy by 2050. Johnson said that the proposed shift would help the UK decarbonise, while softening the impact of the kind of gas price fluctuations of recent weeks.

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The UK Government plans to announce a massive investment in renewable and nuclear energy in order to reduce its reliance on gas and oil. Last year, Johnson said that the UK would aim to become a global leader in offshore wind energy.

In July, the UK government said in its annual statistics that renewable generation reached 43.1 per cent of all generation, overtaking annual fossil fuel generation for the first time. Ten years ago, renewable generation accounted for 6.9 per cent of all power generation.