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Toshiba joins with Shaw to build nuclear plants outside Japan

  • 13 years ago (2010-12-06)
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Toshiba Corp. announced it has agreed with US engineering service provider Shaw Group Inc. to jointly construct nuclear power plants outside Japan.

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Shaw will be in charge of building Toshiba's advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR), which has been in use at nuclear power plants in Japan. This will help the Japanese company, which owns Westinghouse Electric, to smoothly construct ABWRs facilities abroad.

Based on the agreement, the US firm will invest $250 million, or 21 billion yen. Of the total investment, it will put $100 million into Toshiba's project to set up nuclear power plants in Texas.

In July, Toshiba and Shaw also agreed to work together on a proposal to Saudi Arabia for a full range of services for a nuclear power plant project being planned in the country.

Shaw has so far set up 17 nuclear power plants in the United States.