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Storms boost German wind power generation

  • 5 months ago (2022-03-03)
  • David Flin
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Onshore and offshore wind turbines in Germany produced 21 TWh in February, a new monthly record, as a result of recent stormy weather.

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The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and the Solar and Hydrogen Research Centre Baden W├╝rttemberg (ZSW) said that 18 TWh came from onshore wind plants with 3 TWh coming from offshore wind parks.

This follows an above average wind power output in January, totalling 16.3 TWh. Kerstin Andreae, Chair of the Executive Board of BDEW, called for accelerated development of energy storage systems to enable the use of excess electricity generated at a later point. However, she stressed that the record number is in sharp contrast to the required expansion rates. She said that to reach it climate targets, Germany must add at least 6 GW of onshore wind annually, far greater than the 1.9 GW that was actually deployed in 2021.