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Siemens wins order from Argentina for four industrial power plants

  • 4 years ago (2017-03-31)
  • David Flin
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Siemens has secured orders to supply four turnkey industrial power plants in Argentina. Six SGT-A65 TR (former Industrial Trent 60) gas turbines will be used in two plants in the cities of Lujan and Matheu in Buenos Aires province. Siemens has also been awarded a contract to supply six SGT-800 gas turbines for power plants in Las Palmas and San Pedro.

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Siemens’ customers are the two Canadian private equity companies Stoneway Capital and Araucaria Energy. They will operate the plants as independent power producers with the support of Siemens.

The order is valued at $570 million. Siemens has also committed a $115 million loan to support construction of the power plants.

The Lujan plant will be fitted with two SGT-A65 TR gas turbines, with a capacity of 127 MW, along with two SGen5-100A series generators. Four SGT-A65 TR turbines for the power plant in Matheu will provide a total capacity of 254 MW. The Las Palmas site will be equipped with fout SGT-800 gas turbines with a total capacity of 202 MW. The two SGT-800 gas turbines for the San Pedro power plant will generate a total capacity of 2014 MW.

The sites are due to be commissioned by the end of 2017. All the sites have the option of being retrofitted to combined cycle.

Siemens has signed long-term service agreements for the four sites, including operation maintenance agreements for each location for ten years. The agreements include operation and maintenance staff, remote monitoring, overhauls, spare parts for stock, and reliability guarantees. Siemens service and maintenance is centred on the company’s Digital Services for Energy portfolio, using advanced data analytics.