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Siemens to replace four floating power generation barges in New York City

  • 5 months ago (2019-09-06)
  • David Flin
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Astoria Generating Company and Siemens signed a contract for the turnkey construction of two SeaFloat power barges equipped with eight Siemens SGT-A65 gas turbines. The barges will replace four existing power barges located at Gowanus Generating Station in the Upper Bay of Brooklyn, New York City, resulting in cleaner, more efficient energy production.

Siemens will preinstall the units on two newly constructed floating barges, which will each have a generating capacity of 300 MW each. Fitting the station with SGT-A65 gas turbines will improve the efficiency of the plant by nearly 50 per cent while reducing emission levels, using the existing gas infrastructure.

The four-barge Gowanus Station, with a current generation capacity of 640 MW, was originally installed in the early 1970s, and is approaching the end of its service life. Siemens will deliver eight SGT-A65 gas turbine gen-sets, four on each barge, along with a Siemens control system. The turbines will run on natural gas as the primary fuel.

As New York’s energy market changes, New York City needs to maintain the reliability of its power supply while reducing emission levels. The city is moving to obtain 70 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. When wind and solar can’t meet demand, peaking units such as Gowanus will become increasingly important. Power barges provide additional flexibility as they can be relocated as required.

Each SGT-A65 aeroderivative gas turbine has a capacity of 76 MW and a simple cycle efficiency of 41.8 per cent.