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Siemens to equip Bajaj Energy plant in India with digitalisation solutions

  • 3 years ago (2019-12-04)
  • David Flin
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Siemens has announced that it will equip Lalitpur Lower Generation Company , a Bajaj Group company, with advanced digital solutions for its power plant located in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, in India.

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Siemens will generate a complete thermal twin of the LPGCL coal-fired power plant, enabling improvements in the plant’s performance. Siemens will provide remote performance monitoring and diagnostics from the recently launched Siemens MindSphere Application Centre in Gurgaon. The thermal twin, powered by thermodynamic analysis and machine learning, allows power plant operators to diagnose performance gaps for every asset in the cycle in real time, and provides recommendations for improving efficiency. This approach will assist the plant team in identifying and rectifying performance gaps in a timely manner.

RS Sharma, Managing Director of Bajaj Power Ventures, said: “We are delighted to partner with Siemens in our digitalisation journey. The digital solutions are aimed at improving power plant performance and optimising operations. The solutions, once executed, will result in sustainable and efficient power generation.”