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Samsung Heavy Industries develops floating offshore wind turbine

  • 4 months ago (2021-07-20)
  • David Flin
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Samsung Heavy Industries has developed a model of an offshore floating 9.5 MW wind turbine. It plans to enter the global offshore wind power generation market. The company announced on July 19 that it has obtained approval in principle (AIO) for its design for an offshore floating platform for wind power turbines from DNV , a Norwegian ship quality assurance.

Hitachi Energy
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Hitachi Energy

The company has developed a technology that floats a wind turbine on a large-scale floater in the sea. This enables the construction period, transportation, and installation to all be drastically shortened. The company said that it plans to actively target projects that the South Korean Government is pursuing to achieve the goal of generating 6 GW of offshore wind energy.

Samsung Heavy Industries started development in October 2020 and successfully completed the floating body test at the Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO) in March.