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Rules for supply of coal to Indian coal-fired power plants

  • 11 months ago (2021-09-07)
  • David Flin
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As part of the Indian government’s attempt to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply from thermal power projects, captive coal mine production has been directed to meet 85 per cent of their targets in a week, and state electricity distribution companies procuring power from imported coal-fired projects have been asked to meet their demand from such plants within two weeks.

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It said that failure to do so would result in coal supplies to such states being stopped. In addition, coal supplies will be stopped to: power projects with more than 18 days fuel stock, and power projects with a plant load factor (PLF) of less than 40 per cent and more than 10 days fuel stock. Coal supplies will be halved to projects with stocks ranging from 11-18 days and a PLF of over 40 per cent.

Coal stocks at power plants have been depleted by higher demand for electricity and lower generation by hydropower plants.

These decisions come in an attempt to allow redistribution of coal from plants with high stock levels to plants with low stocks.