Red Sea signs utilities deal with ACWA Power led consortium

  • 17 days ago (2020-11-16)
  • David Flin
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The Red Sea Development Co (TRSDC) of Saudi Arabia has announced that it has awarded a contract to build and operate renewable power-based utilities for Saudi Arabia’s flagship luxury resort development, the Red Sea Project, to a consortium led by ACWA Power .

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The public-private partnership agreement is for the generation of up to 650 GWh of 100 per cent renewable energy to supply the project and other utility systems. Energy will be generated through solar panels and wind turbines to meet an initial capacity of 210 MW, with the ability to expand in line with the development.

The multi-billion dollar TRSDC entails developing luxury resorts on 22 islands off the Red Sea coast, and six inland sites, covering 28 000 square kms.