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Recovery of Guri dam levels to take two years

  • 14 years ago (2010-04-10)
  • David Flin
North America 1004

While the rainy season has started in southern Venezuela and “the volume of water at Guri dam is gradually rising,” recovery to optimum levels “will take a long time, perhaps a couple of years,” Igor Gavidia, President of Venezuela’s electricity utility Edelca, said.

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During the establishment of working groups called by electrical workers to refit and refurbish the sector, Gavidia said that the dam elevation has lately dropped by 11-13 cm. “These values are very important to prevent it from decreasing so much.” However, he said that it was “important to clarify to the people that, while it will rain a lot, God willing, recovering the dam and taking the water level back to the maximum elevation, which is 271 m above sea level, will be hard.” He added that the “recovery of Guri dam will take a long time, 1-2 years even with the best scenario. Therefore, we must continue deepening the measures on the reasonable use of electricity. However, some measures could change and possibly be relaxed.”