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Offshore wind partnership for Siemens Gamesa and Doosan Enerbility

  • a month ago (2022-06-28)
  • David Flin
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Siemens Gamesa and Doosan Enerbility , a subsidiary of the Doosan Group, have signed an MOU to explore potential cooperation on offshore wind power activities in South Korea. The agreement includes the installation, maintenance, and supply of turbine parts. They will also explore sharing services for the construction of production facilities in South Korea.

Floating Offshore Wind 2022
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Floating Offshore Wind 2022

In addition, the partnership will study potential job creation and industrialisation in the country’s offshore wind segment.

The partnership is expected to make use of Doosan Enerbility’s domestic production base, business capabilities and experience, and Siemens Gamesa’s knowledge of the global offshore wind power market.

Marc Becker, CEO of the Offshore Business Unit with Siemens Gamesa, said: “We are delighted to start to work with Doosan Enerbility in investigating a strategic cooperation in Korea. Leading the offshore revolution in the years to come requires strong partnerships based on solid, mutual commitments. We envision an excellent alliance between our two companies, fostering the Korean offshore wind industry and contributing to its expansion.”