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NTPC increases capacity of two coal-fired power stations

  • 8 months ago (2019-10-04)
  • David Flin
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India’s state-owned NTPC has announced that it has added two 660MW units each at Tanda and Khargone thermal power plants. The company said: “Unit 1 of 660MW of stage 2 of Tanda Super Thermal Power Station (2 x 660MW) and Unit 1 of 660MW of Khargone Super Thermal Power Station (2 x 660MW) have been added to the installed capacity of NTPC.” It added that the overall capacity of NTPC and NTPC Group has become 48,645MW and 57,106MW respectively.

The company statement said that Khargone Power Station in Madhya Pradesh is India’s first ultra-supercritical power plant that operates at an efficiency of 41.5 per cent. The high efficiency will result in less coal consumption for generating the same amount of electricity, and will result in a reduction of 3.3 per cent in CO2 emissions.

NTPC currently operates 54 power stations. These consist of 23 coal, 7 combined cycle gas/liquid fuel, two hydro, one wind, and 11 solar projects. It also has 10 coal and one gas station owned through joint ventures or subsidiaries, with a total capacity of 57,106MW.