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Nigeria to resuscitate dams for electricity generation

  • 13 years ago (2010-08-06)
  • David Flin
Africa 309

As part of its efforts to boost power supply in the country, the Nigerian Government has said that it is compiling studies of all the abandoned dams across the country in order to resuscitate them for electricity generation.

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Ach Nuhu Somo Wya, the Minister of State for Power, said that the need to revive these dams should be viewed against the backdrop of the shortfall of power capacity to supply to the grid. He said that the Oyo Dam in Ogun State, the Kere Dam in Oyo State, and the Dadinkowa Dam in Gombe State were under consideration, and that these dams could generate 10 MW, 6 MW and 34 MW respectively. He said: “The government is concentrating on small and medium hydro. All over the country, we have a lot of dams managed by respective agencies through the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. These dams were originally intended only for irrigation and water supply purposes.”