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Namibia’s Arandis Power offers Eskom 120MW

  • 7 months ago (2020-02-06)
  • David Flin
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Arandis Power , a Namibian IPP, has shown interest in entering the South African power market by offering 120MW to Eskom. The offer follows South Africa’s Request for Information (RFI) made by its Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, in accordance with the country’s Risk Mitigation Power Procurement Programme.

The Risk Mitigation Power Procurement Programme is looking at alleviate current supply constraints within the South African grid in the short- and medium-term by evaluating options to generate between 2000M” and 3000MW that can be connected to the grid in the shortest possible time and at minimum cost.

The Arandis Power project is fully developed and ready to be implemented, and could be in place within four months of signing a power purchase agreement with Eskom .

Ezio Vernetti, Managing Director of Arandis Power, said that the 120MW that would be delivered by the company falls within the framework of the RFI. He said: “Namibia’s electricity regulatory authority, the Electricity Control Board (ECB), has shown vision and leadership in the Southern African Power Pool by opening up the local market and the national grid to IPPs for the generation and trading of electricity, both locally and internationally.”