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KEPCO to develop carbon-free power generation technologies

  • 4 months ago (2022-02-17)
  • David Flin
Asia 721 Emissions 36 Gas 269 Hydrogen 21

Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has announced that it will develop commercialisation of carbon-free power generation technologies that use ammonia blends and hydrogen blends.

Japan Energy Summit 2022
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Japan Energy Summit 2022

Five power generation companies and eight private companies will launch a joint research and planning project for the development and verification of ammonia blends-based power generation technology. The eight companies consist of: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction , Hyundai Heavy Industries Power System , the Research Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) in Pohang, Lotte Fine Chemical , SK Gas , TENEX Korea, GS Donghae Electric Power, and Samcheok Blue Power.

The KEPCO Research Institute will demonstrate ammonia blend firing by coal-fired power and LNG-combined power generation and evaluating combustion and environmental impacts. The five power generation companies will review design data for a demonstrating power plant and a demonstration plan. The eight private companies will evaluate the impact on boiler facilities resulting from ammonia mixed firing, map out plans on building an ammonia mixed firing power generation facility and building an ammonia supply chain and setting up safety regulations by July 2024.

KEPCO plans to complete a technical demonstration by 2027 by establishing fuel supply infrastructure for four commercial power plants. It will commercialise ammonia mixed firing technology for 24 power plants by 2030.