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Japanese carbon capture technology to be tested in USA

  • 3 months ago (2020-06-11)
  • David Flin
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Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan has signed an agreement with Japan Coal Energy Centre and the state of Wyoming in the US to develop a carbon capture test project to be conducted at the Wyoming Integrated Test Center at Dry Fork Station power plant.

The project will test Kawasaki’s solid sorbent capture technology at the ITC. Jason Begger, Executive Director of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, said Kawasaki’s technology uses amines to capture CO2. It is a powder that can be sprayed into the flue gas to capture CO2, and it can be reused. He said that one of the things the pilot project will research is how many times the powder can be reused before it becomes ineffective. He said: “It’s shown great promise in the lab, and Kawasaki is now ready to scale it up and test it under real-world conditions.”

The project is entering the construction phase. Kawasaki expects work to commence at the ITC in 2021.