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Japan restarts power plants ahead of Olympics

  • 2 months ago (2021-07-21)
  • David Flin
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Japan has restarted extra power plants, including a long-dormant nuclear reactor, and taken other steps to avoid a power crisis as demand rises, especially in Tokyo, where the Olympics are due to start on Friday.

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Earlier this month, Kansai Electric Power restarted a reactor, the fifth to be restarted since January. Japan now has nine reactors operating, the highest number since the Fukushima disaster. A gas-fired plant and a coal plant have also been brought online ahead of schedule.

Yuri Ito, Deputy Director at the Industry Ministry’s Office of Electricity Supply Policy, said: “We are not worried about power supply during the summer as the restarts of extra power plants have boosted capacity.”

Japan’s grid monitor ( OCCTO ) estimates excess generation capacity in the Tokyo are at 5 per cent for July and 3.9 per cent for August. Excess capacity below 3 per cent could lead to supply shortages and possibly even blackouts.